Why Play with a Multi Prize Pool Poker Tournament

During an interview that concerns the PokerNews U.K, Roberto Romanello, one of the field's pro, introduced a new tournament in the community. This format is called Multi Prize Pool poker wherein the game will be performed in a tournament while having several prize pools. To be exact, there are three prize pools.

The general gist of the this type of tournament in this game is explained by PokerNews. It says that the Multi Prize Pool Tournament will offer three buys in level. In this manner, three prize pools are created. If the money involved is between 25, 40 and 100 pounds the players can choose to buy something at the Prize Pool 1, Prize Pool 2 and Prize Pool 3 respectively.

In this scenario, the default prize pool is the Prize Pool 1 wherein the player will buy-in with an amount of 25 pounds. If a player decided to buy-in at the Pool 2, he must first invest with the first Pool with an amount of 25 pounds and invest the half at the second Pool. Lastly, if the player wants to buy-in at the Pool 3, he must first put 25 pounds each in the Pool 1 and Pool 2 while the remaining 50 pounds will be put at the Prize Pool 3. This type of poker tournament is almost alike with the other games, but the only difference is that three different prizes are distributed. If the gamer won at the tournament after buying each pool, he would win the first prize from each prize pool.

The good thing about the Multi Prize Pool poker tournament is that it can accommodate a wide range of players since the stakes are lower. For the higher stakes player, the tournament is also an advantage since it can provide them a lot of avenues for winning more and a lot of ways on how to practice their poker skills. Also, a deep run is not needed by higher stakes if they are going to claim their prizes from the second and third prize pools.

One of best gaming site that introduced the Multi Prize Pool type of game is the Dusk Till Dawn wherein the poker game will start at 7 in the evening. They also appeal to the masses because of its huge guarantees that will delight all bankrolls and players.