Playing Facebook Poker For Fun With Friends

Facebook poker has taken off in recent years as the social media site offers greater capabilities and functionalities. The ability to play and compare your skills with people in your friends list has made casino options extremely popular on the site.

Zynga Poker

Inarguably, the go-to gaming solution of not only casino enthusiasts but other players as well. The high quality graphics, gameplay, and the creation of leagues through friend lists have made it one of the biggest games on the social media site. In fact more than 37 million people are known to play the game on facebook every month.

What has added to the popularity of this app is the compatibility with iPad, iPhone, and Android. This allows people to play on the go. The easy gameplay allows new players to understand the game quickly.

WSOP Poker

This is one of the very few rivals of Zynga and has more than 1 million users every month. This number is considerable lower than that of Zynga which shows just how far the app has enveloped the social media site. WSOP (World Series of Poker) however is a great option as the pool of layer is filtered to deliver a better quality of games.

This app may even provide you with a chance to play at the World Series. Designed by Playdom, it is also quite capable when it comes to graphics and gameplay and deserves far more attention than it currently has.

WPT Texas Hold'em

With the introduction of Zynga and Playdom to the social sites gaming arena, WPT revamped its presence on the site but to no avail. This was done in order to match up to the standards of these two gaming giants. The latest updates allowed player to climb up in the rankings as they play to unlock tables with higher limits.