Choose from Tons of Poker Apps for Android Devices

If you are in the market for some poker apps for Android devices, you're in luck. There are two different ways in which you can obtain them: through the Play Store or directly through your browser when you visit one of the dozens of rooms online. It is often best to visit one of the sites and directly install the program since the Play Store puts strict limitations on what can be offered, and doing this allows you access to paid or free games - whatever you prefer. However, keep in mind that real money offerings are very few and far between.

What's the Difference

While it's true that poker apps for Android are incredibly convenient, they are quite a bit different from the programs used to play on your computer. You'll likely be dealing with a small touchscreen rather than a larger screen and mouse, meaning that the software has been optimized in such a way that you'll only see the vital elements most of the time. One of the huge drawbacks is that the slider bar for choosing how much to raise or bet is very small and you will have to be careful to avoid accidentally giving away more than you want.

No Multi-Table Options

Unfortunately, most of the options that are available these days do not allow users to participate in multiple tables at once, and this can be something of a drawback. Because multiple tables require plenty of processing power and a heavy-duty internet connection, even some of the best devices just can't handle the pressure. However, the ability to simply play a hand anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection makes up for this.

With all of the great applications out there today, you will never need to be bored again. All of your favorites are just a few screen touches away!